New Zealand Bartender's Association

TwentyFirst Century Mixology

About Us

New Zealand Bartender's Association      was established by passionate, experienced mixologists with vast experience in managing bars, night clubs, restaurants, pubs, cigar lounges, private clubs around the world.

We would like to share our knowledge and skills with equally passionate bartenders.   Our aim is to train New Zealand's next generation of word class mixologists.


TwentyFirst Century cocktails can not be learned in cocktail books written in the Twentieth Century. 

They have to be invented. 

New Zealand Bartender's Association        is constantly developing new recipes, researching new technologies to renew and   to reinvent cocktail crafting.

Ask us about TwentyFirst Century Cocktails 


Sipping a cocktail should be a journey, an experience stimulating your palate. 

It awakens your senses, it makes you curious, it makes you think, it makes you appreciate the bartender's skills. 

You smell fruits, you taste chocolate, 

you breathe fire.

TwentyFirst Century Cocktails must be Experienced.